Tampa is one of Florida’s original metropolitan cities, serving as a significant commerce, culture, and trade source. The legacy pillars of this community are evolving from cigars and exports to incubating a world-class living environment. As the city experiences a rebirth, an opportunity exists to craft a community founded on the inclusive success of its citizens. 

TEDxSouth Howard Avenue is a forum for locally relevant and globally significant dialogue throughout the Tampa community. The goal is to create a venue that incubates new ideas and accelerates the continued progress of the city we call home. 

As this event is limited to 100 people, we will be utilizing a lottery system to allow for the equitable distribution of tickets. Tickets are provided to those participants who volunteer as a sign of appreciation. Please submit your email below for event updates and lottery submission. We are looking forward to learning & growing together. 

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The Venue

1646 W Snow Avenue,
Tampa, FL 33606
United States

Event Date

February 24, 2023

Reception to Follow

12pm – 5pm

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